be·guile  (b-gl)
tr.v. be·guiledbe·guil·ingbe·guiles
1. To deceive by guile; delude. See Synonyms at deceive.
2. To take away from by or as if by guile; cheat: a disease that has beguiled me of strength.
3. To distract the attention of; divert: "to beguile you from the grief of a loss so overwhelming" (Abraham Lincoln).
4. To pass (time) pleasantly.
5. To amuse or charm; delight. See Synonyms at charm.

Pretty, Pretty

beach season courtesy of V Magazine

Bar Refaeli

Miranda Kerr

Raquel Zimmermann

on newsstands May 11

A Few Of My Favorite Things...

side braids

chanel clogs

pamela love claw bracelet

ray bans and matching red lips

impossibly long locks

all photography by Sarah Howard

Art: Marilyn Minter

Marilyn Minter

"Her photographs and works often include sexuality and erotic imagery. Minter begins her process by staging photo shoots with film. She uses conventional darkroom processes. She does not crop or digitally manipulate her photographs. Her paintings, on the other hand, are made by combining negatives in photoshop to make a whole new image. This new image is then turned into paintings created through the layering of enamel paint on aluminum. Minter and her assistants work directly from this newly created digital image. The last layer is applied with fingertips to create a modeling or softening of the paintbrush lines..."

Art: Auguste Rodin

"Auguste Rodin (French, 1840–1917) brought monumental public sculpture into the modern era. Though he was well acquainted with the academic traditions and idealized subjects of classical and Renaissance sculpture, Rodin's aim in his work was to be absolutely faithful to nature. His uncanny ability to convey movement and to show the inner feelings of the men and women he portrayed, the bravura of his light-catching modeling, and his extraordinary use of similar figures in different mediums, have established him as one of the greatest sculptors of all time."

The Rodin Museum in Paris

all photography by Sarah Howard